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  • diced potatoes, Diced potatoes
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Import, Export, and Trading of Diced Potatoes

Are you interested in frozen diced potatoes? At Kühne + Heitz we are specialised in providing high quality frozen potato specialties. We have a wide assortment of frozen potato specialties, sourced primarily from Belgium.

Our products and services are delivered to import distributors in the following food sectors: industry, wholesale suppliers, foodservice distributors, and retail. Packing sizes can be tailored to individual customer requirements. We offer a wide variety of frozen potato specialties in different packaging for retail as well as catering.

Product specification

  • Product: Diced Potatoes
  • Type: 10 x 10 x 10 mm | 12 x 12 x 12 mm
  • Origin: Belgian
  • Spec: frozen | IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)
  • Processing type: prefried
  • Freezing process: IQF
  • Packaging: 10 x 1 kg or 4 x 2,5 kg
  • Certification: HACCP | Kosher | Halal

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  • Halal Certification
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