Wholesale Halal Poultry Frozen Products

Import, Export and Trading of frozen halal chicken, hen and turkey

Are you interested in halal frozen poultry ? At Kühne + Heitz we are specialised in the trade of high quality, halal frozen poultry products such as halal frozen chicken cuts and frozen halal meat. As an international trader of halal poultry, we take care of the export and import all over the world in the major production regions. With our halal frozen chicken and halal frozen turkey, quality is always guaranteed.

Packaging sizes can be tailored made for wholesale and retail purposes in order to meet buyers requirements. All our offered frozen halal poultry products are meeting the highest quality halal standards for industry, wholesale suppliers, foodservice distributors as well as retail.

halal poultry, halal poultry
halal poultry, halal poultry

Our halal poultry products

  • Halal chicken leg quarters | Halal chicken wings
    Origin: Europe: Belgium | the Netherlands
  • Halal chicken breast fillets | Halal whole chicken (gizzards) | Halal chicken franks
    Origin: South America: Brasil
  • Halal ducks
    Origin: Europe: the Netherlands | Hungary
  • Halal chicken leg quarters
    Origin: North America: USA

General Halal Poultry Product Specs

  • Label: Geko
  • Origin: Europe
  • Spec: Frozen
  • Processing type:
  • Freezing process: Individually Quick Frozen
  • Packaging: Varies
  • Certification: HACCP | Halal
  • Delivery: From single pallet to full container load.

* These are general specs. It can vary by product.

halal poultry, halal poultry
halal poultry, halal poultry

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