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Kühne + Heitz is the food and dairy supplier for wholesale distributors

 High quality of frozen food and dairy products

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Kühne + Heitz is the supplier of frozen food and dairy products worldwide. More than four decades ago, we started this business as commodity wholesalers. Today, we are the frozen food supplier with our buying power we have created a strong and solid network. We transport more than tons of poultrymeatfishvegetablesFrench friescheddar cheese and milk.

We sourced the best quality frozen foods direct from suppliers of major manufactures and production facilities. Through our network you gain access to all major production regions around the world.

We have the logistics and the experience to make on time deliveries anywhere in the world. We can ship an extensive range of products to any destination. We have a dedicated shipping team with thorough knowledge and experience of handling the necessary documents, certificates and all other requirements for export to any wholesale foods market.

Food & Dairy Brands for Wholesale Distributors

Many of our bulk food and dairy products we pack under our private retail brands:
GekoChef’s QualityCountre DairyThe English Cheese Co., and Garden Fresh.
We are looking for partners who can build our brands in their market.
Next to these well-known brands we offer poultry and meat cuts in any desired retail packing.

Wholesale Distributors Buyers

We export our food  and dairy products in bulk to wholesale distributors in the following food sectors:

  • Food manufactures (industry)
  • Commodity wholesale suppliers
  • Foodservice distributors
  • Retailers (hypermarket chain, supermarket chains, cash & carriers)

Through our buying power you will be competitive in your wholesale food market. Competitive terms are offered with regard to quality and price.

Wholesale frozen Foods

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